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Don’t forget to ask these questions when looking for a wedding venue in Johannesburg

When you decide to get married, your first significant expenditure ahead of the big day will be securing the perfect wedding venue in Johannesburg. Of course, you want the place to be breathtaking beyond your wildest dreams but, be careful not to be swayed by looks alone. To ensure the [...]


Looking for conference venues in Johannesburg? Go green!

It’s never been more important for businesses to have environmental friendly credentials, and this is something consumers, and clients prioritise. A survey by Environmental Leader reveals that over 50% of consumers prefer businesses with a green reputation.  You might think that because your business already recycles and is committed to [...]

Event Planner Johannesburg

Ensure an event’s success by choosing from conference venues in Johannesburg with qualified, experienced planners.

The first step your business needs to make after deciding to hold an event is to find a suitable venue. There are several conference venues in Sandton, Johannesburg that offer varying packages, but not all offer an experienced event planner that can pull the event together from start to [...]