Don’t forget to ask these questions when looking for a wedding venue in Johannesburg

Don’t forget to ask these questions when looking for a wedding venue in Johannesburg

When you decide to get married, your first significant expenditure ahead of the big day will be securing the perfect wedding venue in Johannesburg. Of course, you want the place to be breathtaking beyond your wildest dreams but, be careful not to be swayed by looks alone.

To ensure the success of your wedding, here are three essential questions to ask when choosing a venue.

  1. “How long do we have the venue for?”

It’s vital that you know the exact time you can take ownership of the venue and when you are expected to leave. The amount of time you are given access will need to be enough for decorating and setting up the venue, as well as packing up and cleaning once the wedding is over

Remember that if you’re departing for your honeymoon directly after your wedding, you’ll need to decide in advance. There might be noise restrictions or curfews in the area in which the venue is located, meaning that you’ll need to make sure all your guests depart before that time.

  1. “Are you insured?”

Insurance means that if, for any reason, the venue is suddenly unable to host your wedding – in the case of a last-minute disaster or a catastrophe, you will be able to make other arrangements or recover some of the loss.

It’s not nice to think about the venue letting you down so badly, but suppliers often pull out at the last minute, and caterers make mistakes. If you only have one day to celebrate something so special, you will want compensation if something terrible happens.

  1. “Do you have vendor arrangements?”

Many venues have arrangements with certain suppliers who offer relevant services such as flower arrangements and on-site catering. Always check if you will be obligated to use a preferred vendor for your wedding. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the venue will often lower its price to entice you to book their preferred supplier.

Choosing your wedding venue with care is the first step to ensuring that the rest of your wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible. These three questions will help you get on the right path.


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