Looking for conference venues in Johannesburg? Go green!


Looking for conference venues in Johannesburg? Go green!

It’s never been more important for businesses to have environmental friendly credentials, and this is something consumers, and clients prioritise. A survey by Environmental Leader reveals that over 50% of consumers prefer businesses with a green reputation.

 You might think that because your business already recycles and is committed to sustainable practices, it’s enough, but are your stakeholders aware of your efforts? Showcase your green credentials with a marketing boost, by choosing an eco-friendly venue for your Johannesburg conference.

Why have a green conference?

There’s no doubt that the people attending a conference are investing in it. Some will have paid to attend, while others will have been invited by your business as key industry stakeholders or members of the media. Ensuring that this elite group witnesses your efforts to protect the environment will achieve more publicity and reach than a marketing campaign, with none of the additional costs.

So what initiatives can you implement to accomplish this?

  • PROVIDE RECYCLING STATIONS –People often want to recycle, but don’t have the opportunity to do it. Ensure that all waste stations have clearly demarcated bins for plastic, paper and organic waste.
  • CHOOSE A GREEN MENU – While choosing sustainably sourced ingredients isn’t always possible and can be expensive, you can lessen the impact your catering has on the environment by choosing seasonal items and ensuring that biodegradable or reusable cutlery, crockery, plates and napkins are used. You can also minimise the amount of beef you serve, as beef is notorious for having the largest footprint in terms of water usage and pollution.
  • DITCH THE BOTTLED WATER – Bottled water is a massive contributor to pollution all over the world, and South Africa is no different. Positioning water coolers and encouraging attendees to bring their own bottles is both unique and practical. It will also save you money. And provide paper cups instead of plastic
  • MINIMISE THE PAPER – Offering notepads and pens is standard at many conferences but getting wise to technology is even better. Instead of printing outlines and handouts, offer them as digital downloads to encourage attendees to use their phones and tablets instead of pen and paper. Research shows that they’re more likely to use any notes offered this way.

There are endless ways to “green” your conference, and your only limit is your imagination. The more creative you are, the bigger the impact you’ll make.

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