What You Need To Know Before Deciding On Your Johannesburg Conference Venue


What You Need To Know Before Deciding On Your Johannesburg Conference Venue

When it comes to the success of your corporate event, one of the factors is undoubtedly your choice in conference venue.

Not only will the venue set the tone for all the proceedings, it will also make it easier for attendants to give their full attention, ensuring that what you need to say falls on receptive ears.

If you’re wondering what you need to look for when deciding on a venue, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the key points to consider before booking your conference venue in Johannesburg:

The demographics of your attendees

If your event will be for professionals from the marketing or technology industries, you might want to provide a more fun and lighter atmosphere, as opposed to a business meetup for financial executives. Be sure that your venue can meet your specific needs and provide the right look and feel for your guests.

Audience Size

Will the venue be able to provide you with a range of seating and/or room options depending on your audience size? This is probably the most important factor, since you never want to be stuck giving your presentation in a room that’s full to the brim, with your attendants being uncomfortable throughout the event.

Location convenience

Ideally you want to ensure that your venue is situated in a convenient location that is close to accommodation options (if your event is going to take place over a couple of days) and entertainment opportunities. If you’re just holding a day conference, you want the venue to be easy to travel to and be close to transport hubs.

Special requests

Depending on your event and attendees you might have a range of special requests ranging from special access, a lunch service, or even being able to bring in your own specialised equipment. Ideally your venue should be open to negotiation and be able to help make your event a success.

Looking for a venue that can give you all the above and more? Contact us today to find out about our Johannesburg conference venue options!

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