Questions That You Should Ask Your Conference Venue Before You Book Them

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Questions That You Should Ask Your Conference Venue Before You Book Them

Over the past couple of posts, we’ve been focusing on giving you the necessary information you’ll need to book a conference venue in Sandton that will be perfect for your event. In this post, we’ll look at some of the more important features you must look out for when choosing a venue space.

Meeting your requirements

On average, a conference venue will be able to provide you with a room to host all your attendees, but you must be sure that they can cater to any unique requirements of the event as well. For example, if you’re hosting an event that requires brainstorming sessions done by smaller groups (a common corporate breakaway event), you will have to ensure that the venue will be able to provide breakaway rooms or similar areas where attendants will still have access to the venue’s amenities.

A good first step would be to look at your event’s programme and identify any specific needs that your venue would have to address.

A location that contributes to your objectives

Often, hosting your event at a venue that is still in the same city as your attendees can impact on how much they get from the event. Instead of letting them experience the hustle and bustle of getting to a city-bound venue, think about a more tranquil setting where everyone can relax and easily take in the information you must share. Even if your venue of choice is just outside the city centre, it will already make a big difference.

Services that will enhance the event

Be sure to find out what specific services you will require from your venue before you book it. For example, if you’re going to serve lunch, will the venue be able to provide you with a menu, and will they be able to cater to any specific dietary requirements like Halaal or vegetarian diets, to name a few.


Some event coordinators often let their event budget run away with them, which is why when you’re busy setting up your event you should get a detailed quote from your venue of choice. This will help ensure that you will be able to plan accordingly, ultimately contributing to your venue being a great success.

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